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Experience Milan

Ema Milano – As a major economic and financial centre, a top destination for tourism (with 7 million visits a year) and a unique destination for international events (such as EXPO Milano 2015, which saw over 21 million visitors), Milan offers a highly developed hospitality system. 69,000 beds are available in the city and a further 30,000 in the metropolitan area, accounting for a total of nearly 100,000 beds. Being located in the city centre, the new EMA headquarters will benefit from a wide choice of accommodation options just a stone’s throw away.

Food and drink
With more than 17,000 restaurants, including 17 Michelin-starred ones, Milan is the ideal location in which to enjoy excellent Italian cuisine or sample the trendiest fusion and ethnic delicacies. Most bars and restaurants are open until midnight and offer a wide range of options such as the traditional aperitivo, the beloved Milanese ritual of evening drinks accompanied by complimentary appetisers.  

Business tourism
Milan hosts one of Europe’s largest trade fair systems, Fiera Milano, extending over 1,600,000 square meters with 4.5 million visitors from all over the world attending 75 major events each year.

The main exhibitions include fashion, furniture and design, food and professional hospitality, applied mechanics (machine tools; machines for plastics, wood, glass; packaging), art and crafts, information and communication technology, tourism, plant engineering systems energy production, architecture and building, security, art and photography. The annual Milan Furniture Fair and Milan Fashion Week are just two examples of the various events that make Milan a world-class capital.


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