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Education, Ema Milano – In addition to over 900 private and public schools following the Italian curriculum, Milan offers a comprehensive network of foreign and international schools. The Deutsche Schule Mailand, the Swiss School of Milan and the French Lycée Stendhal de Milan follow the curricula of their home countries, awarding qualifications that are recognized in both their home countries and in Italy.

Eight international schools, the American School of Milan, the St. Louis School of Milan, the Ludum School, the Canadian School of Milano, the Bloom International College, the British School of Milan Sir James Henderson, the International School of Milan and the Collegio San Carlo, offer a full curriculum taught in English, plus a second or third EU language, and award the international baccalaureate, the international diploma granting access to universities in over 80 countries. Milan is also home to the European Bilingual School, which offers a bilingual curriculum in English and Italian.

A special mention should be made of the European School of Varese (about 50km north of Milan), which already hosts over 1,300 students from 47 different nationalities in five language sections (Dutch, English, French, German and Italian) and awards the European baccalaureate. Furthermore, if EMA is assigned to Milan, the Italian authorities will promote the opening of a fully accredited European school in Milan.

A survey conducted by the Italian Ministry of Education and the City of Milano in June 2017 found out that a total of over 4,500 places will be available for the 2018/19 academic year and nearly 2,300 for the 2019/20 academic year in the foreign and international schools as detailed in the official offer submitted to the EU Council on the 31/07/2017.

In terms of pre-school services, the city boasts a number of international kindergartens, including the British American preschool (open to children aged 24 months and up) the KC school nursery kindergarten (6 months), the MILE school’s kindergarten (12 months) and Follador Nursery School (12 months). Furthermore, the architecture of the Pirelli building could easily accommodate a nursery for the children of EMA staff.

Milan also has 11 university-level institutions and seven arts academies, among the most reputed in the world. Milan State University, the Milan Polytechnic, the Catholic University, Bocconi University and the Brera Academy are just a few examples.

Nearly 100 university degree courses are taught in English, many of them in subjects relevant to EMA, such as biotechnologies, medicine, psychology, and biomedical engineering, in addition to economics, business administration, engineering and architecture.m

In addition, the New Academy of Arts (NABA), the Istituto Marangoni and the European Design Institute (IED) offer 18 different degrees in fashion, design, product design, interior design and advertising.

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