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Eu Sinergy, Ema Milano – Relocating EMA to Milan will create an EU scientific hub.
Three EU bodies are already located near Milan:

The Joint Research Centre (JRC): the European Commission’s science and knowledge Directorate General, in the town of Ispra, Lombardy, about 50km North of Milan;
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma, 120km South-East of Milan;
The European Training Foundation (EFT) in Turin, 140km West of Milan.

Relocating EMA to Milan would reinforce the effectiveness of the three European institutions operating in science and research while broadening their scientific cooperation in common fields of activity, with particular reference to health, food and nutrition. Moving EMA to Milan would also make it possible to create a unique hub of scientific networks and collaborations with relevant stakeholders.

The JRC in Ispra hosts the European Reference Laboratories for food and feed control (for feed additives, food contact materials, GMOs and others) and is a leading developer of reference materials. It also develops materials for health diagnostics in the fields of diabetes, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease and infections, among others. The JRC is in the process of opening up its scientific infrastructures to its partners, a manoeuvre which will doubtless benefit from the proximity of the EFSA and EMA.

According to the memorandum of understanding of 27 January 2012 between EMA and EFSA on working arrangements, the two EU institutions should cooperate in certain fields in order to avoid duplication, to optimise the use of risk-assessment capacity across the EU and to harmonise their methodologies. The relocation of EMA to Milan would be a significant step in this direction.


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