Around R$1.2 million in Bitcoin is declared by candidates who will contest the elections in 2020

Balance in cryptomoedas is presented in a list of declaration of patrimony next to jewels, cars and boats

Around R$1.2 million in Bitcoin is declared by candidates who will contest the elections in 2020

In addition to running for election in 2020, five candidates can also be considered cryptomotic investors. According to a G1 survey, more than 20 Bitcoin units (BTC) were declared by them as assets for the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

Thus, the value in Bitcoin of the candidates corresponds to almost R$ 1.2 million in cryptomoedas, which corresponds to part of the assets of the five candidates. In addition, the list of assets brings other items declared, such as animals, jewelry and smartphones.

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The TSE received declarations of patrimony of the candidates the elections in 2020 until this last Saturday (27). A survey of the declared items shows that cryptomoedas also appear as assets of the candidates.

Candidates with Bitcoin

Candidates in Brazil’s 2020 elections are also investing in cryptomoedas, as shown by a survey of assets declared to the TSE, which found more than 20 BTCs listed in statements by five candidates.

However, only one candidate concentrates most of the declared Bitcoins in the 2020 elections. According to the G1, one of the candidates has more than 15 BTCs, or about R$ 893,000, considering the current quotation of cryptomeda this Sunday (27).

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On the other hand, the G1 survey does not indicate where candidates with Bitcoin are running in the 2020 elections. While there are only five contenders who have invested in cryptomorphs, more than two thousand candidates have declared that they own animals as assets.

In one of the declarations there is a candidate with more than 10,000 units of oxen and horses. In this case, the patrimony in animals of the candidate is evaluated in almost R$ 30 million.

Elections 2020

Elections in 2020 were initially scheduled to take place on October 4 and 25, the first and second rounds respectively. However, with the spread of New Coronavirus, the election had to be postponed until November.

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Thus, the elections should take place on November 15, the first round, and for cities that have a second round, the election is scheduled for November 29, according to data from the Superior Electoral Court.

This Sunday (28) also saw the beginning of electoral propaganda on social networks and the Internet, where candidates contest votes for the post of mayor, deputy mayor and councilmen in every city in Brazil.

On the other hand, it was only on November 20 that electoral propaganda began on television and radio channels. In other words, electoral propaganda in the media will begin about two months after the deadline for the delivery of the candidates’ list of assets, where some have recently declared that they have Bitcoin as their patrimony.

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